House Concerts


“Hosting a house show for The Asking was a true delight!  Most of our friends had never attended an in-home concert before and they looked forward to the evening with much anticipation.  Greg and Kate did not disappoint, giving our guests a marvelous and memorable performance!  It was a perfectly lovely evening from start to finish!” – Tara, house show host  

Do you want to host a house concert?

Do you have space to host 20+ people?
Do you enjoy gourmet music in an intimate setting?
Do you like to hob-nob with musicians after their shows?
Do you have 20+ friends/family that would enjoy these things too?
Do you like to support indie musicians?

If you’ve answered yes to these questions then you would be the perfect host for a house concert. It may seem intimidating at first but I promise you’re going to love it! House concerts create a unique and awesome space for music, conversation, and community to come together for a magical night.

“Hearing the artist’s personal stories behind the songs that they write brings their music to life.”- Elika, house show host


Ok, but what is it?
A House Concert is when the host (you) has an artist (The Asking) come to their house to play about an hour of music for the host’s (your) favorite people. We hang out before and after, tell stories, eat, and have a grand ‘ol time.

“If you are looking for an evening to gather with friends, experience God’s presence, enjoy great music, and be warmed by true authenticity, then look no further than “The Asking!” Greg and Kate will lead you and your friends into an experience where coffee meets with creativity, simplicity meets with spirituality, and wonder meets with worship.” – Phil, house show host 

How much does it cost?
We can handle cost 2 ways:

  1. Donation based = In the invitation let folks know to come prepared to give a donation. You can have a basket at the door for people to pay when they arrive. It’s also pretty cool if you say a little something after the show. “Hey, wasn’t this great? Thanks for coming! Just want to give a quick reminder that this is donation based so if you haven’t already, please donate and show Greg and Kate your support.”
  2. Up Front Donation = The Host (you) give a donation to cover everyone up front.

Who will be there?
Whomever you want! Well obviously we’ll be there and you’ll be there, but after that it’s up to you. You can go nuts and invite the world if you think they’ll fit. Keep in mind not everyone you invite will show. We recommend inviting enough people so you’ll have about 20-50 guests.  Again, it all depends on your house and how many you want to have.

So how do I go about setting one up?
Wow, you’re asking some great questions! Well first you’ll want to e-mail us at [email protected] and let us know you’re interested. In your e-mail just let us know:

*Some dates/times that you’d like to have the concert
*Where you live
*How you want to handle the donations (up front by you or at the show by the guests)
*Is this a kid-friendly event? If so, please have someone able to watch the kids for the hour we’ll be playing.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read our handy-dandy House Concert Guide! If you’d like to host a show, contact us!