The Asking Live from a Living Room: “Hands and Feet”

Last fall we had the privilege of sharing our music in some lovely people’s living rooms. We shared stories and songs and were able to hear a lot of their stories too. Watch the video above for a little taste of what that time was like. 

It was soo much fun that we’re doing it again this spring! If you’re interested but never hosted before, here’s what some of our previous hosts have to say:

“If you are looking for an evening to gather with friends, experience God’s presence, enjoy great music, and be warmed by true authenticity, then look no further than “The Asking!” Greg and Kate will lead you and your friends into an experience where coffee meets with creativity, simplicity meets with spirituality, and wonder meets with worship.  Enjoy!” – Phil, house show host

“Hearing the artist’s personal stories behind the songs that they write brings their music to life.”- Elika, house show host

If you’d like to have us come play some music for you and your friends, please let us know here or by e-mailing [email protected].