Creation Cries

Music and Lyrics by Greg House and Kate House

Verse 1:

Who can make the mountains shake
Who can make my heart unbreak
Who can cause the seas to roll
And humankind’s salvation whole


Creation cries of heaven’s hands
That wrote Your love across the land
And every heart bears your name
Your handiwork none can claim
The God of universal fame

Verse 2:

Who can craft the clouds and skies
And make the constellations cry
Of the day the nails and crown of thorns
Became the way for us reborn

Verse 3:

Who can love me as I am
Who would die for just a lamb
That strays at every twist and turn
And falls and falls again to learn

Verse 4:

There is none who made the earth
Redeemed our race with every birth
Fireflies to catch at night
And mercies new in morning light