The Asking Fall Tour

It’s been a long summer of traveling and we are finally home for a little while. We’re looking to put together some shows this fall and would love to come to you! We’d love to come play at your house or church! Hosting a House Show is super easy – you just need space for 20-30 people and the desire to hang out and enjoy some good music and fellowship. If that sounds fun to you check out this handy dandy guide here. If you think your church might be interested in having us come lead worship feel free to send them to our site or send us their contact info here and we’ll reach out to them.

We’ve got some new songs we’re really excited about and would love the chance to share them with you! Thank you in advance for all your help so we can keep playing and sharing our music. We truly couldn’t do this without you!

In song and spirit,
The Asking