The Asking Update: Travels and New Music!

The Asking in Barcelona
Plaza de EspaƄa, Barcelona, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain


So we’ve been on a bit of a hiatus working on some other projects and spending time with our church family and taking a much needed 10 year anniversary trip to Spain. We also had the great pleasure of singing at the wedding of some of our friends this past weekend! We wanted to take a moment to tell you a bit about some of what keeps us busy when we’re not writing and performing for The Asking.

Greg works full-time as the Assistant Director of Student Ministries at our church which means he gets to work with students teaching them about how to lead worship and run tech, among other things. Considering we met at a Christian youth camp (shout out to Hiawatha Youth Camp!) this is very fitting. We’re both very passionate about worship, music, and helping students learn what it means to know and live for Christ so it is an immense pleasure to get to work and serve there!

Right now we’re gearing up for leading worship for our summer camps the end of June as well as leading a missions trip to Bogota, Colombia the end of July. We would love your prayers as we are blessed with this busy and fruitful time of the year!

Not to worry, we have been working on some new songs and have a few opportunities to lead worship around Michigan and even a special show coming up! You can stay up to date on where we’re playing next on our Shows tab as well as on our Facebook page. We’re also working on some videos for you so stay tuned!

In song and spirit,

Greg and Kate
The Asking